Dear friends who have ventured to Clarity withINsight,


Welcome!  Whichever way you choose to read the title of this website is the absolute correct way… for YOU!


-Clarity Within Sight- or -Clarity With Insight-


It’s amazing how a subtle shift in spacing can completely change not only what we see but also the meaning that we place behind it.


Clarity, which is the clearness of appearance or thought, can be applied to our ability to see (our sight) as well as to our ability to perceive clearly or deeply (insight).


Ever hear of the saying, “There are three sides to every story – yours, theirs and the truth?” In reality, there are as many sides to the story as people who view it. We all have our own thoughts and levels of perception. Each of us have our own views and interpretations of our worlds we live in.


Our unique viewpoints are culminations of all of our life experiences up until this point. We end up viewing the world based upon the “(insert your name here) colored glasses” that we create (consciously or subconsciously) to filter our views so we can see our lives, our family, our community, our environment, etc. as clearly as we are possibly ready to see them.


There are ways to expand what we are accustomed to seeing, and increase our perceptions and visual abilities. Whether you are looking to improve a specific visual condition (see our Conditions page for more info), are curious about natural vision techniques, or are simply browsing the web right now, there is no coincidence that you are here reading this page.


For one reason or another, you have been drawn to seeing this website, viewing this “Welcome Message” and continuing to look as you reading this sentence.


I’m grateful that you are here! And I look forward to sharing what I’ve come to know to be true about the limitless potential of our eyesight and insight.

Oftentimes, the worlds of optometry and ophthalmology can have a positive impact on correcting our vision through prescribing contact lenses, glasses, prisms, eye exercises and/or surgeries.


I am not here to bash nor speak from a professional standpoint of either of these two professional branches of medicine concerning eye health, vision correction and/or improvement.


As a society we are learning to embrace natural, non-invasive, “alternative” methods for nearly every health ailment that we can be challenged with today, from various forms of cancers, terminal illnesses, traumatic injuries, HIV/AIDS and so on.


Yet, when it comes to our vision, we can so easily fall into the pattern of being diagnosed with a specific vision related condition and continue to strictly follow the doctor’s orders without question. Perhaps, there is a lack of information (and hope) that our eyes/visual systems can improve, heal or get stronger despite any diagnosis or symptoms we experience.


For example, a teenager can be diagnosed as myopic (also known as nearsighted, meaning that it is no longer fully clear when looking out at a distance). They can be given glasses, asked to return for another eye exam in one year and at the next visit their prescription needs to be increased… and this pattern can continually repeat year after year.


We are led to believe (and to perceive) that our eyes will continuously or eventually “get worse” and our prescriptions will gradually increase.


This does not have to be true!


Yes, our eyes adjust to the lenses that we’ve been given to wear.

Sure, these contact lenses or glasses can “correct” our vision but they are also ways that we temporarily mask symptoms rather than addressing the deeper roots of how and why we are seeing differently and have come to need the lenses to see clearly in the first place


I am here to share experiences and ideas, and to let you know that there is always hope in improving our eyesight and insight.


There are natural ways to reverse the vision problems we experience. I know this because I have experienced these radical changes myself and have witnessed them in others as well.


I’ve worked as an Optometric Vision Therapist for over 3 years and have recently studied the Bates Method of Natural Vision Improvement. (For more about my background, see the About Me page).


Whether you are seeking “clarity within sight” OR “clarity with insight,” I am here to shed some light on the ways we can create the clearest vision, most clarity and best sight in our lives.


I look forward to hearing from you and traveling along together on this vision-based journey.


Let’s see what we can do!


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